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      Founded 2001, Shenzhen Excellent Technology is a High-tech Company, has more than 12years experience in PC Main Board Design & Notebook ODM Business.
      Up on now, We have full range of products like Ultra-Book, Notebook, Netbook, All-in-One PC and Tablet PC, For Marketing, Our Products Positioning for ODM ( All just for exporting) for South & North America, Euro, MID-east, Japan, Korea etc, we also would like to cooperate with customers from worldwide who are interested in computer business.
      Our vision is to become the world's premier designing, manufacturing and engineering company focusing on quality Laptop /All-In-One / tablet PC, whilst striving to achieve sustainable development and maintain mutual benefit, respect and trust with our customers
      Our Mission
      1. To integrate all our strength and resources and provide world class Computer and solutions in international market 
      2. To address the customer's need and requirements, ensure satisfactory business and build strong, lasting and profitable customer relationships
      Core Value 
      Collaboration: Respect customers and partners, and together we create value 
      Cost-efficiency: Worth every penny spent. 
      Accountability: Assume responsibility for our commitments. 
      Agility: Our future depends on speed and flexibility. 
      Quality: We do well in what we do. 
      Honesty: Act with honesty and make no compromise 
      Passion: Be passionate in our brand and what we do 
      We believe, Shenzhen Excellent Technology is your right Choice for developing your business, we warmly welcome your coming to China and visit to us 
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      加微信掃碼咨詢 15056968972